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Current Projects - 70 Formula 400


1970 Formula 400
Castillian Bronze, Saddle standard interior, Auto, AC

The car is a 20 footer and looks good in pictures. But, the paint actually needs a lot of help and will require a total repaint. There is rust hidden inside the hood on top of the fenders, most of the trim is faded and dinged, but overall a solid, very complete car. The door guards will have to go, along with the spoiler (no spoiler available on Formulas in 1970) The few rust spots were repaired by welding in new metal, the spoiler was removed and holes filled with metal and the entire car was sanded and primed several times, then shot with base clear in the original Castillian Bronze color. Wheels were blasted, primed and painted and new BFG tires mounted, new trim installed on rear window.

The interior is a different story.Basically it needs totally gutted and replaced. Dash is split and covered with an inexpensive dash cap, wheel is wrong and pretty rough, console is junk, seats are split, headliner is torn - gut and replace everything.




A lesson on working with dashes - they are fragile; don't drop them. This was ready to go in the car, and was a correct early dash too.

Progress on the interior is dramatic, with a new (later style) dash pad, new door panels, carpet, seat covers, headliner, rear quarter panels, sail panels. The only parts retained from the original were the seat frames and kick panels. Dash, kick panels and console are a darker color, per the original in 1970. The difference on saddle interiors was more than just the slight mismatch found in all color interiors in second gen Firebirds - these parts were intentionally a different shade of tan.




The 400 engine is a little dirty, but amazingly complete, with virtually all of the original factory pieces intact. This is the original engine for the car - just a lot of elbow grease cleaning and restoring the entire engine compartment. Still more to be done, but the engine compartment is shaping up
This car should be done in January 2008. just a few details remaining.